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The rebirth of the Wild Card!

We have recently rebranded our creative agency after seven years carrying the same visual identity. To celebrate this renaissance, we held an intimate gig in legendary music production powerhouse, Metropolis studios.


The Firedoggers and VIP clients rocked out to up and coming signed act, Whisky and the Wilsons, whilst experiencing the studio mastering process first hand. We were shown how a track is laid down in all the differing parts, before being polished by the resident engineer. A group handclap created via team effort even made the cut (Aw, kum-bah-yah!)

Getting into the spirit of musical collaboration – Beautiful!

We also decked the venue with an interesting name-that-tune game, a bunch of Jack Daniels miniatures and some awesome Montezuma chilli chocolate bytes. All in the name of Rock and Roll baby!

As we’ve mentioned before, crafting your brand from the ground up is a formidable exercise and we really enjoyed capping it all off with a bit of a blast. The Wild Card theme is actually something we’ve picked up from clients whilst conducting the research part of the project.

From day one, we’ve always strived and relished the opportunity to do something a little different, to create an edge on an idea and basically to go against the grain. This has really informed our new tag line: “A breed apart”. We want the experience of working with Firedog to help clients and allies enjoy their own work, always being intellectually and emotionally stimulated by our agency and team. And quite often, a re-brand is about going back to what made the agency special right in the beginning, before we got distracted by fame and fortune. OK, maybe just fame. And maybe just a little.

Whisky and the Wilsons front man at work

So if you were invited and you didn’t make it – Boo hoo for you… Maybe next time you’ll think again, before rsvp’ing nada.

There will be a next time – In the very near future, I hope, and we’ll make sure it’s just as weird and special.

But for the moment, please enjoy our new brand identity and let’s hope it’s good for another few years. Also, we would love to hear any input from you – Maybe you know the old Firedog and you’d like to know a little more about the new beast, just write up a comment or drop us a line.


Here’s a few more images from the gig…

Cute little JD bottles all lined up – Ripe for some rock legend consumption!

The engineer gives us a little introduction to the workings of a production studio

More musical toys than you can throw a drum stick at

Firedog clients inside the production and recording Studio A

Mauricio feigns stardom on the Roland silent sound stage

Enjoying the vibes

We created a few badges too. We wanted badgers, but apparently its not that legal.

Miriam brings on her Gene Simmons impression. Splendid!

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