Aye be a scurvy Firedog!

Picture the scene – The entire Firedog team in wetsuits (calm down), life jackets and helmets. Yeah that’s right, we had a leak in the studio (insert laugh here).

In reality, we were all standing next to a vast reservoir in Sunbury – to the west of London. We all look like idiots (some more than others), 2 of us are relishing the challenge, the remainder are as we say in the fear business “bricking it”. The task that lay ahead was a days sailing at the Queen Mary Sailing Club.

I think it is fair to say that some of us enjoyed the experience more than others, Cliff and Lee leading from the front, driving (author doggedly refuses to use any sailing terminology) about on the water like pros. Until Cliff did a rolypoly (capsized) and Lee got burnt in a two-way drag race with yours truly.


Special mention to Agne, who was rescued from a mild panic attack as two of the others (I won’t name names – Miriam and Tash)  decided to untie her boat before we had any training to “see how she did on her own” – she didnt do very well, we can still her screams resounding around the studio! Its important to add, that supposedly, the idea to release Agne was in fact Cliff’s idea – an idea this is still being disputed to this day.


Im wondering how long I can get away with having this photo up, im guessing 4 minutes? Tick tock. Picture unfortunatley removed, it was a corker! FYI – I had it on here for 11 mins.


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