The dog speaks

Magazine action

.Net cover for JulyYou may have seen from our home page that we’ve been getting some really decent press action at the moment. We’ve had a good run of late, what with a number of pages in DIGIT magazine and now a designer profile on your’s truly within .net magazine. DIGIT issue 98 containing firedog storyI strongly believe that it’s actually not that hard to promote yourself if you go about it the right way – create something that somebody wants to read and bobbit’s your auntie, sorted. I mean, just look at blog’s for example – if you told the web audience a few years back that authors content was going to be so valuable in this age, I’m sure they would have had a chuckle. And podcasts, bloody hell – everyone’s doing these now, it just isn’t challenging to get noticed these days! I suppose it’s like that feeling that once you’ve grown up, sprouted some facial hair and managed to get past the bouncer into the uber-club – It just doesn’t feel desirable anymore. Mmm, where next?

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