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Firedog relocates to Hoxton Square

Firedog ups and moves it’s studio to new epicentre of cultural hipness…

Possibly the epicentre of all that is hip and happening in Shoreditch, Hoxton Square has a creative credibility that attracts a variety of art galleries and creative agencies.
However, that’s not the only reason we’re moving there. Firedog has had a good couple of years growth and we’re urgently needing space… and daylight after having been in a basement studio for 3 years already!
Our new studio was previously a film directors office and most recently a fully-fledged creative studio. It oozes creative character and charm and we know that it’s just perfect for the Firedog team.
We look forward to seeing you there soon! (There are an inordinate number of good bars and restaurants in the area so perhaps a Firedog meeting late in the day makes perfect sense…)
Please make a note of the new details:
Firedog Design
43/44 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7739 1112
Do you think we are crazy for leaving the media bosom that is Soho? Or do you think we are way to cool for school and we just don’t know it ?

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