The dog speaks

Meat feast joins new Hoxton set

I spotted a very pleasing site this morning on my way in. Byron is opening right next door to the Firedog studio. I am well pleased! I’ve not even been to Byron, but I’ve heard it’s name uttered in reverence a number of times. Byron joins new Hoxton eatery Busaba Eat Thai, which all the crew have been to a couple of times. It’s nice when your little neighbourhood comes up in the world!

Now, there’s another unspeakable little restaurant venture opening up opposite Firedog called Red Dog Saloon. Hmm. I think these guys visited the site, looked around whilst dreaming up a name and happened upon our 60ft laser-cut monolith branding (okay, so its really just a door buzzer label… just use your imagination)

So there you have it, some nice new trendy kids in school and one naughty little ginger boy tagging along behind…

Outside the new restaurant in Hoxton

New Byron in Hoxton

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