The Ambivalence of Identity and Future Fantasteek!

I’ve recently discovered Iniva, a sanctuary for the visual arts and just a hop, skip and jump away from us on Rivington Place. The upstairs library is an oasis of calm for a lunch hour!

Iniva’s last exhibition showcased the work of five established and emerging artists exploring the changing nature of identity (a subject of interest to designers) through video, photographs, sculpture and installations. Cultural identity, belonging and affiliation were discussed with a mixture of seriousness, humour and irony! The show featured a Dave Lewis image of colourful vinyls (see Firedog’s recent record cover).

The current exhibition at the Stuart Hall Library looks fab: Future Fantasteek! Jackie Batey’s beautiful artist’s books and zines are going on tour tio the USA but will be there until 13th January.

Jackie draws or writes content for the zine on her commute to work and themes include anything from being irritated at broken machines, rude people, apathy and quick fixes, fake medical promises, fashion, celebrity endorsements, Christmas, to commercialism.

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