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The weekly roundup: Google Adwords, face painting and fun science gifs

Picture1As another week draws to a close, here’s the latest on what we’ve been up to. Read the articles we’ve got published in Creative Bloq, find out what we learnt at a Google AdWords workshop, and take a sneak peek at our latest campaign for The Barbican.


Do your business cards need shaking up? This feature on BoredPanda outlines 30 of the most creative business cards ever. From finger-stretching yoga to imaginative implants and a comb-come-keyboard, these business cards are definitely collectibles!2014-05-02 10_06_52-30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever _ Bored Panda

Ever wondered what it looks like when you throw boiling water out of a window at -41 degrees? Or the shape of a dog’s tongue in slow motion when lapping up water ? How about a star being devoured by a black hole? These science gifs make learning about the world much more interesting.

2014-05-02 10_16_19-Artist Paints Her Favorite Album Covers On Her Face - DesignTAXI.comWhen you have a spare few hours, what do you get up to? Artist Natalie Sharp’s preferred pastime involves transforming her face into her favourite album covers. Hadn’t thought of that before? Neither had we. The artist says that each cover takes between three to six hours to paint. So if you decide to take inspiration from Natalie, make sure you’ve got a lot of time on your hands…Natalie transforms her face into her favourite album covers


Studio buzz

On Monday, both Hannahs went along to a Google Adwords talk in Old Street station. Hosted by Driftrock, this pop up has been giving industry talks every day for the last two weeks. We learnt what makes a strong Google quality score, that “creative degradation” is when people get sick of seeing the same old ad, and that the most effective words to use for your ad are “best” “fast” and “free.” A bit more worryingly, we were reminded just how much we’re being watched by Google. Entrepreneurs will often spend a day in on the shop’s floor just listening to conversations to help gauge their target audience. Creepy.

we finally got round to making the coin shield

2014-04-29 14_18_51-Inbox - Microsoft OutlookSix years too late, we finally got round to making the coin shield. The most exciting moment was probably rummaging around in our wallets or the bottom of bags, victoriously thrusting coins at one another. The end result was underwhelming.

We’re very pleased to have got a couple of articles published in Creative Bloq this week. If you haven’t read them on our blog already, do check them out! We give a guide to roles in a creative agency and list five exceptional design moments in film.

Creative projects

2014-05-02 10_25_54-20140425_145219 - Windows Picture and Fax ViewerIf you fancy taking a look at our projects for Imperial College Business School, Inition and the Society for Microbiology, our case studies are now live. These are always a good way of visually demonstrating the creative process.

We’ve also got a sneak peak at our latest campaign for the Barbican. Here’s the brochure for 2014-15. We’re working on artwork for another eight images, so watch this space!

weekly_roundup_v2-06We hope you enjoyed our weekly roundup! If you missed them, have a read of other roundups. Otherwise, until next week…

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